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Hive (DE/FR/EN) Huch! & Friends Abstractos
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Hive (DE/FR/EN)

Huch! & Friends
32,95 €
Hive: Hive is a tactical game easy to learn and exciting to learn. 22 beautiful pieces of Bakelite are insects. The peculiarity of Hive is that it is played without a board: pieces are juxtaposed with each other to form a game plan!Each insect has a mode of travel of its own.The game begins by placing two pieces in the center of the table, then others are...
Yinsh (English) Huch! & Friends Abstractos

Yinsh (English)

Huch! & Friends
30,95 €
YINSH is a worthy continuation of Project GIPF and originally the fifth game of that series. Who will place rings and markers in YINSH most cleverly? And who will succeed in forming a row of five markers of his color, securing the win move-by-move and row-by-row?Box and rules in German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish.
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