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D-Day at Omaha Beach (English) Decision Games Wargames
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D-Day at Omaha Beach (English)

Decision Games
76,45 €
Solitaire study of America's most bloody and heroic day in WWII. The player controls the US forces landing along the five mile stretch of Omaha Beach on D-Day and their desperate struggle to establish a viable beachhead. The game covers the entire first day at a time scale that varies from 15 minutes per turn (during the initial landings) to 30 minutes...
RAF: The Battle of Britain (Lion vs Eagle) (English) Decision Games Wargames
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79,95 €
RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940 is three games in one, on history's greatest air campaign:RAF:LION updates the classic original solitaire game -- you control the RAF against the German raiders. All systems have been updated to reflect recent scholarship, notably the fatigue and patrol systems. Advanced rules cover late interception, VHF-equipped squadrons...
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